The diversity of platforms and technologies, the needs of mobility and multi-device and multi-access access by users, the geographical dispersion of the Company’s environment and the disparity in many cases of the solutions used for business applications increase complexity in order to have a safe and reliable environment.


Have expert services in security solutions aimed at carrying out analysis, correction and prevention activities, review of security policies, as well as evolution and implementation that require a safe and reliable operating environment.

Security solutions are grouped into:

  • Perimeter solutions and network elements (firewalls, mainly balancers).
  • Workstation environment (Endpoint)
  • Mobility
  • Server Infrastructure


Have a team of security professionals focused on customer and service, who work as an extension of the IT department.

Our knowledge as experts in different security solutions, allows us to be prescribers of the best option, according to the real needs of the Companies.

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